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The School’s Curriculum and teaching methodology have been designed in a very practical learner – centric manner. Students are encouraged to think creatively and acquire knowledge through innovative ways that test their higher thinking skill. We understand that each student is different in his/her interest and abilities. Our faculties extend a helping hand towards each one of them and bring out their greatest potential. Besides, the students are sensitized to global issues such as environment,peace,poverty,.etc. While the students are equipped for the competitive global arena through a constructive learning process.

Why choose Hill Top?

Smart Class

Smart Classrooms are technology enhanced classrooms that faster opportunities for teaching and learning by integrating learning technology

Expert Faculties

Hill top offers expert faculties.They are well experienced and qualified to look after the students.They are able to provide according to the student needs..


Science involves seeing, handling, understanding and manipulating of real objects and materials. Classroom teaching combined with our science laboratory experiments aid in developing scientific learning among students and in cultivating deeper and profound interest in the field.


HILTOP PUBLIC SCHOOL LIBRARY is a unique Learning Resource Center involved to collect, store and disseminate information to students and staff of the SCHOOL.

Principle's Message

I am sure,Try to impart the best to young minds,Knowing very well that anything and everything that comes out

-   Unnikrishnan M

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