Welcome to HILL TOP Public School

The School’s Curriculum and teaching methodology have been designed in a very practical learner – centric manner. Students are encouraged to think creatively and acquire knowledge through innovative ways that test their higher thinking skill. We understand that each student is different in his/her interest and abilities. Our faculties extend a helping hand towards each one of them and bring out their greatest potential. Besides, the students are sensitized to global issues such as environment, peace, poverty, etc.While the students are equipped for the competitive global arena through a constructive learning process,

Principal’s Message

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Our Vision & Mission

Education Is The Birth Rate Of Every Child. A Child Is born with immense potentialities. the education system should be helpful to the students for developing their abilities.the children must a strong foundation from the school its self to become a leader in the changing global scenario.we are trying to mould a child to be socially committed and globally competent.

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