Principal's Message


Dear Parent, A new academic year with new challenges beckon us. New ideas, new ways of thinking dominate our lives. Breath taking changes happen all around us. The field of education has its own share of exciting new developments bringing in newer ways of thinking, newer ways of teaching and newer tools to impart education. We at HILLTOP PUBLIC SCHOOL have always been keen to introduce the cutting edge technologies to sharpen the skill sets of our students. Many new initiatives have been included in the curriculum to be abreast of the latest technologies and techniques in the field of education.

In adopting all these modern techniques we have not forgotten our core values of ethos and ethics which make an upright citizen. We believe in educating the whole person of the student and not merely the academic aspect. We want our students to have value systems which will make them caring citizens of tomorrow. We have been certainly striving to identify and bring forth the latent talents of our students, be it art, literature or sports. We have taken care to provide ample opportunities for our students to display their talents and compete with the best among their peers.We believe that education is an ongoing process and it never ends. We train our students to passionately seek truth. We kindle their enquiring minds to question, to analyze and to reason. All our curricula and the changes we carefully incorporate aim at these. We teach our students to plant their feet firmly on the land and to let their minds roam among the stars.It is earnest desire on our part to aim at and to continue to excel in all our activities and turn out students who will be productive and constructive members of a dynamic society. We have had a very profitable and mutually beneficial interaction with the parents.

The school is provided with constant and steady two-way flow of information. We have been emphasizing the need of the parents to provide inputs and values to the students to imbibe and excel in their fields of activity. Every child develops and assimilates at his/her own pace. Kindly ensue that your child sets aside time for school work daily. We also request you to create a stress-free atmosphere at home with regard to academic pursuits. Please feel free to put forward your critical inputs for bettering the whole range of activities under taken by us. Your constructive suggestions are always welcome.

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